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2016 / Naba / Milan / Italy

We are categorized since birth
Blue is for boys - Pink is for girls
Subconsciously, our brain reduces the amount of information, to the minimum
needed for us to grasp the world
It works similarly in case of a society
As of August 2016, the world population was estimated at 7.4 billion people
We classify people on the basis of their traits, as it becomes quicker and easier
for us to remember and understand them.
In today’s world, the categorization divides us on the basis of our gender,
religion, colour and much more
It is not in our hands, but in the hands of the society to decide where we belong
This project is about the relations between Stereotypes, design and myself


2008 / HIT / Holon / Israel

Redefining basic architectural elements through past memories
What is:
+ a wall
+ a door
+ a window
+ a ceiling
+ a floor

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