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2020 / Holon / Israel

Beauty Boutique branch

The space is a unique shape of 45 sqm in total. 
Not an easy space to start from, but as always, I like a good challenge.

Then...came the pandemic...suddenly all the project, even all the construction parts and supervision need to be from a distance...another challenge I was forced to accept.

It wasn't the first "hybrid" project I've designed, but it was the fastest one, due to previous years of experience in remote working.

This project had a lot of complexity and it came out this way.
Everything is custom design & made: carpentry, station’s seats, manicure’s surfaces, pedicure’s basins and stair’s hand rails.




2018 / Holon / Israel

An aesthetic center
The client’s wishes were:
+ Emphasizing on comfort, both of the client’s and the employee’s sides
+ Creating an experience of being taken care of while getting a professional treatment
+ Empowering women and making them feel special
+ Designing a place which clients will not want to leave

A project within a project
After a long search for a comfortable and clean-lined pedicure station, which came out short, we decided to custom design one. 
The design process started with a custom pedicure basin, made out of white Corian
We wanted a simple and minimalist “box of water”, without an interruption of an external faucet
The pedicure station, simultaneously, creates a unique experience for the client and a functional comfort for the employee



2017 / Rishon le Zion / Israel

An aesthetic clinic


2013 / Holon / Israel

A 24 sqm beauty salon

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